Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Circuit

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

We really are struggling to find the truth behind this software as nearly ever site connected with it appears to be an affiliate link site that is only seeking a fee when people sign up. We cannot find out who writes this software, what it is really capable of, whether it is legal, and whether you really can connect it to a broker interface like eToro to allow it to trade on your behalf.

This Bitcoin Circuit 'software' is not affiliated with any reputable brokers, it appears to be used to entrap victims into boiler room scams. The most common variants of these scams are Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Loophole, Immediate Edge, Crytposoft and Brexit Millionaire; there are more though.

We can see from this simple demonstration that there is more than one site pretending to be this risk free, unwavering automatic trading robot:

Many of these sites claim to be the official site for 2021 and that they are the only official site. This is perplexing as there are so many, obviously this would not be the case if there was s ingle product called Bitcoin Circuit as litigation would have removed the imposters by now.

Many of the sites refused to let us sign-up but this one worked:

The one that worked (the one before failed but did try and send us to Elite Trading) kindly and eventually forwarded us to which does not appear to have much detail as to who they are, where they are based, and who regulates them.

As you can see the contact details are not up to the usual standard of a reputable broker for their partner:

The telephone number appears to be a mobile , or at least a SIM card: +447418358253

Their address is simply described as: London

They have no company number, no VAT number, no FCA registration number and no house or building number.

And at the top you can see that they have already made us an account with this alleged broker without even asking our permission. This is a sure sign that this is not a real broker and that they are just a fake trading screen to delay the realisation that they have just scammed you out of your money and you have not transferred anything into one of their accounts. They have simply stolen your money and squirrelled it away in a crypto wallet somewhere that you will never recover it from.

Their email is and we have asked for some clarification of their regulators and their address.

According to the reviews on TrustPilot, they are a scam. They call from a Manchester number 01619610021 and just try and defraud you. No one has ever got their money back or given them more than one star. This is important and is perhaps a clue as to why they do business in the way that they do. Is the whole point of these fake broker fronting companies to maintain online reputation? Are they just a way of discarding bad reviews as no one ever actually deals with Bitcoin Circuit as a company or broker. They deal with Eurotrade or whoever they are forwarded to, and as a result leave a bad review with that company instead of marring the rating of Bitcoin Circuit even though it was the Bitcoin Circuit brand that attracted them into the scam in the first place?

They also use questionable credit card processing services and no one has managed to withdraw anything. This is typical of the boiler room scammers, the trading screens they were looking at were probably fake.


We have also read reviews of Bitcoin Circuit online and seen that they are operating some very suspicious tactics. We do not recommend Bitcoin Circuit, they appear to be a scam.

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