Elon Musk BitcoinX Scam

Elon Musk BitcoinX Scam

Once again Elon Musk's image  is being usurped in order to defraud innocent people that may follow the entrepreneur and his activities.

The new fraud is referred to as BitcoinX and is based upon a similar fraud that was seen earlier this year called QuantumAI. The QuantumAI brand remains in this new campaign and they have manufactured images and logos to authenticate the concept.

You can see a full report here on the sircles.net blog where they discuss some of the threats from these types of scams.

BitcoinX is in some way named to invoke associations with Space-X and is therefore fairly see through as Elon Musk normally thinks of decent names for each project.

Steer clear of any crypto currency 'get rich schemes' no matter how difficult things become.

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