Watch Out for the Anonymous Scam!

Watch Out for the Anonymous Scam!

This new scam is based on the hacker group Anonymous and uses their tell-tale system of communication (masks, monotonic computerised voices and monochrome video) to impersonate them with.

They are selling a product which has nothing to do with the real anonymous and that will take away your investment for nothing and lead you up the garden path in order to defraud you.

Typically they will get hold of your computer via remote control in order to send you money somewhere untraceable, usually with BTC then ETH then on to another bank account overseas using a different computer, out of your sight and knowledge.

They will then credit a fake, phantom website with approximately that much value in USD and pretend that it is a trading account and then claim that you lost your investment. Sooner or later they will (once they have defrauded enough people or word starts getting around) shut that website down and just change the name and borders before opening it up again claiming they are in Cyprus or the Caribbean and doing the whole thing all over again.

Do not transfer control of your computer to anyone you do not know well and can trust. Never share screens whilst banking. Never buy into a get rich scheme you see on the internet.

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