Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge

Which is faster?

Which is more secure?

Which is more reliable?

You will be surprised at the results.

Firstly, let's talk about security. That is the real reason that people started to doubt Microsoft in the early 00's, because people got viruses on PCs and not on Macs and the reputation became solidified. Microsoft = unreliable and insecure.

The truth is though, that if you kept your PC up-to-date (yes we all hate doing updates) then you would have been at not greater risk on a PC over a Mac or Linux browser.

There is also the point that no one had a Mac in the early 2000s so there was no point making a virus. It has to be said that most scammers try and make money through phishing or scamming now anyway, and that makes the system you are on irrelevant, doesn't it?

Well no, it doesn't actually. The one main rule is that if you want to be secure on the Internet you are far better off with Microsoft than you are with Google or Apple, as they both use the same Google security databases, and they do not seem to do much anymore.

When Google Chrome first came in then you could get a site locked down pretty quickly when people started reporting it from various parts of the globe. Nowadays, half of the phishing sites run from Google Firebase servers or Amazon AWS.

This means that Google Chrome will not mark the site as bad no matter what happens, really they won't!

Let's have a look at the most brain-numbingly obvious scammer sites from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Firstly, Brexit Millionaire. This site is soo stoopid it is actually ridiculous. It promises to make you thousands on your first day with an investment of $250 USD, which is impossible.

So on the Chrome machine, we see: