Post Office Email Scams

Here is an example of the latest Post Office email scams:

Firstly you receive a suspicious email from someone you don't know saying you have a parcel waiting for you. You have apparently won a competition for a smartphone that you haven't entered.

From: Emilia, Royal Mail < >

Then when you click on the link to pay the delivery fee you are taken to a fake Royal Mail site:[string]

You can see that the description is pretty silly. How would Royal Mail know what is in the package?

Then you click the 'Pay Fee' icon again, and you are taken to an even more silly site:[string]#

Here you are now being told that you can select the RAM and colour of your new phone even though it is already supposed to be with Royal Mail???

They didn't think that through..

In very small print at the top of the page, you can just make out the following text: All new customers participate in the prize draw for the shown campaign product. If you are the lucky winner, you will be contacted directly by email. This special offer comes with a 3-day trial to an affiliated subscription service, after which the subscription fee (18.99 GBP every 14 days) will be automatically deducted from your credit card. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service, you may cancel your account within 3 days. The service will be renewed every 14 days until cancelled. This campaign will expire on December 31, 2021. If you wish to participate without signing up for a 3-day trial to upfunway, please sent an email to .
As you can see they are pretending a competition exists for this phone (it may do) but that you are signing up for a subscription service that they do not explain the benefits of (there may not be any) and so unless you cancel this subscription service before then they will take £18.99 from you every 14 days by debit card transaction.
Finally the people try to get your card details for their £18.99 every fortnight subscription service, which may well something like binary options trading signals, which are worth nothing:
They say they charge £1 today, but in 14 days they will charge £18.99 and every 14 days after that. We can help insert something communicative up their funway if you can help us track them down...
These people are properly dodgy.
The subscription is apparently to get money off stuff??
Which is one of the dumbest things we have ever read.
They say that they are in the UK but their official address appears to be:
Ficalso Limited
Registration #HE395821
Akamantos, 9
Nicosia, 2115
Name Designation
If you are a victim to any of these scams then please do contact us for advice on what to do next.

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